Gender Inequality

Development drags when half a country’s population—women—is not participating fully in its economic, social, and political life.

Widespread sexism translates into lower levels of investment in the education, health, and nutrition of girls and women. Institutionalized discrimination manifests in laws that keep land and money out of women’s hands and thwart their access to protection and redress.

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Ending Child Marriage

GreeneWorks is part of a global movement to end child marriage. Ending this harmful practice improves the well-being of each girl and enhances the development of families, communities, and nations everywhere.

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Working With Men and Boys To Promote Gender Equality and Improve Health

Men and boys are essential allies in achieving gender equality and improving the health and development of women and girls.

Many sexual and reproductive health programs take inequality for granted, reluctant to promote women’s rights and challenge stifling gender roles. Greene developed a widely referenced framework to evaluate programs that involve men in sexual and reproductive health from a gender perspective.

Collaborations, products and resources

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