Agriculture, environment and food security

Economic development that degrades ecosystems is also detrimental to humans. Thus, GreeneWorks believes in a unified approach to improving environment, food security, and health.

By showing that social relationships do not stop at the boundaries of society but extend to the relationships people establish with nature, we show how more ecologically inclusive analytic categories can provide insight into environmental change in the Western Himalayas.

Selected collaborations and resources

Brian Greenberg and Margaret Greene’s “Demography’s Ecological Frontier: Rethinking the ‘Nature’ of the Household and Community” was first presented at a meeting of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population in Cairo, Egypt. It was later published in Categories and Contexts: Anthropological and Historical Studies in Critical Demography, edited by Simon Szreter for Oxford University Press in 2004.

Greenberg and Greene also collaborated on “Beyond the Malthusian Legacy: A Demographic Approach to Social Ecology” at the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population Congress in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil in 2001.

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